Sunshine Smoothie - {and a GIVEAWAY}

sunshine smoothie

Would you like to feel like you are on vacation? If so, make this delicious, healthy Sunshine Smoothie. When it's cold outside and when we don't get a lot of sun, I crave oranges, mangoes and the beach. Even your little picky eaters will enjoy drinking this smoothie and will get a good portion of fruits and nutrients out of it. It's packed with antioxidants and only takes 30 seconds to make.


The Big Game Day is coming let's talk #GameDayFood

We have a man cave in the basement with a big TV. That's where my husband and son hang out to watch football and he can't miss the Super Bowl. I don't watch football but love Super Bowl for the food. I already have so many recipes that I want to try for the big day!

Maybe I'll start with Jalapeno Peppers, then Chicken Nachos, Buffalo Chicken Pull Apart Loaf, Cheesy Tater Bacon Bites and Spicy Chicken Chili Dippers.

Is your mouth watering yet? You can find all of these recipes on It's easy to search for Super Bowl recipes and crowd pleasing favourites. With some planning you will have a feast at your on Sunday night! Don't forget to send your invites because your guests will not want to miss the great food that you will be making.

This year, Maple Leaf Prime and Schneiders have paired with Frank's RedHot. No matter who you are cheering for when you do that touchdown dance these recipes will take care of your taste buds! Amazing appetizers are the success of a great Super Bowl Party!

And we have a great way to celebrate with a pre-Super Bowl #GameDayFood Twitter Party! Join @MapleLeafPrime and @Schneiders on Tuesday Jan. 27 at 8 pm EST, with a special guest @FranksRedHot, as we share all of the best game day munchies and appetizers. How cool is that?



#WowOxiClean a Laundry Booster and More!

We work hard during the week so when the weekend comes it's nice to relax and enjoy a glass of wine and to have the fireplace on. As you can see, we do have off-white carpet in the family room. I don't like carpets but when we bought the house the builder did not want to change anything. Carpets collect dust and stains. It's so hard to get rid of a stain, especially red wine. I am sure it has happened to you in the past. You are having a bit too much fun and oops, your red wine lands on the carpet.


Weekend Links - {and a GIVEAWAY}

virgin island philippines

INSTAGRAM: I picked this picture this week because I like it! It was taken by my son in Virgin Island, Philippines. He loves to travel like me and started a very nice instagram account of his travel pictures. Please take the time to look at his photos here and give him some love: maxctravels


Weekend Links

sultan omar ali saifuddin mosque

INSTAGRAM: This week I posted this picture of the Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque on Instagram that I visited in November 2014 during my trip to Asia. This is one of the most spectacular mosques in Asia Pacific region. It is located in Bandar Seri Begawan.

DESSERT: I have a sweet tooth and would love to indulge in this Chocolate and Peanut Butter Pie by Real Food by Dad.

TO READ: I have been following Simone's blog for a while and never realized that she has been struggling to maintain a healthy weight. Read her story I confess: I am addicted to eating. It takes courage to talk about your weight publicly and to admit that you have to do something about it.