Asian Quinoa Salad with Shrimps

Summer equals Bluesfest in Ottawa. This annual, outdoor music festival is the largest blues festival in Canada. I was excited to find out that Styx was on the line up this year. The same night Foreigner performed. I have seen Styx live when I was younger and can tell you that they are still pretty good. They can still rock The Grand Illusion and Sweet Madame Blue. The members of the Foreigner band are so energetic and gave a great performance also. It was a night to remember. And I can't forget about Lady Gaga. She was at Bluesfest last Friday and we were over 27,000 to watch her. 


Mini Cheesecake Blossoms

mini cheesecakes

If you are planning a summer party these Mini Cheesecake Blossoms will be a guests favorite. They are so easy to make and no bake. Top them with different fruits. You could prepare a raspberry coulis and mix it in the cheesecake batter. We are raspberries lovers and these mini cheesecakes were a hit in the house.


Indian Burger Recipe

indian burger

Since we bought our Kamado Joe one of my sons has been grilling for us. We like to try different recipes during BBQ season. My sons like a good burger and it taste really good on the Kamado Joe. I usually make a vegetarian version for myself. Rarely you will see me eat a meat burger. I tasted this Indian Burger and I have to say that it was pretty good. I like it when we Mix a Little India in our life!


Chocolate Curry Chex Mix Recipe - Gluten Free

chocolate curry chex mix

We are doing our first camping trip of the season. We have been enjoying camping for years now and have seen most of Canada and US. We have such a beautiful country. When camping we disconnect from our everyday life and find that it's so peaceful and relaxing. For our first trip we are in Québec and we will visit family tonight. When we get together we like to eat different snacks. Mixing our own mix is fun because we know exactly what we put in it and it's a healthier alternative then buying store-bought snacks. We have a brother-in-law that is celiac and it's important to make sure that he can enjoy the same food as us. During the winter I made this Asian Spicy Chex Mix, which was a success, and decided to try a new recipe using Rice Chex cereal. In case you did not know, Chex is gluten-free, which is a plus for me. I wanted pretzels in my mix and you can now find gluten-free pretzels at the grocery store. You may be surprised that I added curry powder in my mix but it turned out to be delicious. This Chocolate Curry Chex Mix is addictive and delicious!


What's Cooking? Chicken Caesar Salad Bowl

chicken ceasar salad bowl

Are you ready for Canada Day? We live in Ottawa and we usually like to spend the day on Parlement Hill. They have activities like Changing of the Guard, Shows and fireworks. It's a fun day to spend in the Capital of Canada, and in the past years the weather has been on our side. When the weather is nice we spend more time outside and less time cooking in the home. Which means that we have to find ideas to speed up the process of preparing a meal, without sacrificing the flavour.