Protect your Family with Mortgage Critical Illness Insurance

It's hard to talk about illness because you don't want it to happen to your loved ones and you don't want anyone around you getting sick. In the past years, unfortunately, we lost family members to cancer. One of them was in excellent shape and we never saw it coming. He had to battle cancer for years. When a person is critically sick, it has drastic effects on families, not only mentally, but also financially. It does change your lifestyle and you will encounter unexpected expenses.

I remember when my husband and I got married, years ago, we had a dream of owning a house one day. The first couple years of our marriage we rented homes and we put some money aside in a savings account for our down payment. All I could think about was having a property in our name to raise our family of three children. It took five years of savings before we were ready to enter the housing market. I was so excited, and at the same time, so nervous to be making such an investment. I definitely lost some sleep over it. You know that feeling of having knots in your stomach, because you're not sure you're making the right decision, and you don't want to forget anything the day you sign the important documents in the lawyer's office? We were borrowing a lot of money and one of the things that crossed my mind was: what if one of us becomes sick and we can't make our payments for our mortgage? We were young and healthy, but you never know what could happen. Even if you do feel great one day, your health can change pretty quickly at times, and you could be diagnosed with something completely unexpected.

At the time, I tried to read as much as I could about what kind of insurance to get in case something were to happen to us but it was hard to get good information. Things have changed over the years, and now, thanks to the internet, you can do research on mortgage insurance and make a clear, informed decision to protect your family. It's so important.


What's Cooking? - Antipasto Loaf

Antipasto Loaf

It was my daughter's birthday yesterday, so I took her to a local restaurant for lunch. It seems like it was only yesterday that I gave birth to her on a very hot summer day in Edmonton, Alberta. Now she is a grown woman. She is funny, smart, and I always tell her that she is my favourite daughter (my other kids are boys!). Having a summer baby meant that we spent a lot of time outside. We enjoyed taking her to parks, we always brought a big blanket and picnic basket. Since she was our first child, it was easy to take her everywhere with us.


#LetsDoPicnic with Maple Leaf Foods Twitter Party!

The last summer food-themed Twitter Party was a success with many amazing brands attending! Of course there's another one coming up next week!

Please join @MapleLeafFoods@PepsiCanada, @LaysCanada, @TostitosCanada and @WonderBreadCA on Wednesday, July 29th at 8pm EDT for the #LetsDoPicnic Twitter Party!



Weekend Links - {and a Time Hortons Gift Card GIVEAWAY}

HopCity LawnChair Classic Weisser Beer

I hope you are all enjoying your summer. I went to Bluesfest, last night, and saw Deep Purple. It was very good and the weather was perfect for an outside concert.

I like to try different kind of beers and when I go to LCBO I always come home with different ones. I bought this HopCity LawnChair Classic Weisse because I liked the look of the can. It looks so summer. It's a Bavarian style Hefeweizen and has a nice golden colour. It's an unfiltered wheat beer with the right balance of spicy notes. It's refreshing. Will I buy it again? Yes!


Vanilla Ice Cream - {and a GIVEAWAY}

Delicious smooth, creamy Vanilla Ice Cream

How do you like your ice cream? What about your family? It's finally summer, which means and it's that time of the year again when it's so nice and warm out that you feel the urge to eat a special, refreshing treat. If you're like me, then you don't want to buy a different kind of ice cream for everyone. That's why I like my new Ice Cream Maker. You start with a basic recipe and you can add anything you like to personalize it for each taste. 


Layered Black Bean Mexican Dip - What's Cooking?

Layered Black Bean Mexican Dip - La Cuisine d'Hélène

This past week we have been enjoying some time away from our daily life and went camping in a Sépaq in Québec. They are national parks and have been recognized as protected areas. I like that they have nice trails for walking and biking. You can also do some canoeing. There is so much to discover in these beautiful parks, it's so peaceful.

Before leaving on our trip, I tried a new recipe that we liked a lot from Kraft Canada. I made this Layered Black Bean Mexican Dip twice already. Since it's summer, I don't want to use the oven too much and I like to make quick meals at nights, but they still have to be nutritious and tasty. Because we eat with our eyes, I like how this dip turned out visually. And on top of that it's vegetarian, make it to please your family and friends that don't want to eat meat or for Meatless Mondays. I have a feeling that if I bring this dip to a family gathering it will be gone in no time. It would also be a great recipe to make for Canada Day.


5 tasty Ryvita Toppings - (& a Giveaway)

5 Tasty Ryvita Toppings #TopItUp - La Cuisine d'Helene

In the summer we enjoy our backyard a lot. It's small, but we designed it well to use all of the space. We planted trees, perennials and herbs. We like to gather on the patio for drinks, food and to play games. My family enjoys a good steak or sausages on the BBQ. I like a casual approach to entertaining and I want my guests to have fun and relax. 


Say Hello to Summer and #LetsDoPicnic with Maple Leaf Foods!

Today we woke up and it was warm and sunny outside, which means it's finally Summer! It's time to celebrate in joining a big Twitter Party with your favourite brands - @MapleLeafFoods@PepsiCanada@WonderBreadCA@LaysCanada and @TostitosCanada for the #LetsDoPicnic Twitter Party on Wednesday, June 24th at 8pm EDT!



Quick and Easy Summer Meals Ideas

Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Do you ever struggle to put a meal on your table every day? If I was asking you to pick one night of the week where you are the most busy, what would it be? For us it's Thursday night because during the afternoon I volunteer at my local food bank and I get home late. Sometimes I dream of coming home and finding a chef in my kitchen, but in real life it never happens. And let me tell you that my sons and husband don't play chef often either. They prefer to eat and help with the dishes.


Homemade Granola

Homemade Granola, quick and easy to make! - La Cuisine d'Hélène

Do you like granola? Why not make your own? This recipe is very easy, it's simply oats, nuts, seeds and coconut flakes mixed with oil and maple syrup. I don't add a lot of maple syrup because I don't want my granola to be too sweet but you could add more. Personally, I also don't like a lot of stuff in my granola, but you could add cranberries, raisins or dark chocolate chips once it's cooled. In some recipes they say to add the nuts just five minutes before the end of baking, but I do it at the beginning because I like my nuts to be crunchy. I store my granola in Mason jars in the fridge and it will easily keep for two weeks. It's so good on top of yogurt, with almond milk, or on top of compote. As a snack yesterday I made rhubarb compote, added a couple tablespoons of granola and it was delicious. My son liked this mix so much that he said he would be the one making the granola next time using my recipe!