Kraft Rocky Ridge Bark #DessertMoments
(photo courtesy of Ashley Notley Photography)


My passion for cooking, especially baking, started at a very young age.  When my mom was helping my dad on the farm I was baking and preparing meals for my family. I remember spending countless hours reading the few cookbooks that we could find in the house. Pictures of the finish dish fascinated me.  I was dreaming of the next dessert I was going to prepare.  When my mom was baking I watched her carefully asking questions at every step and scribbling notes on a piece of paper.  One of the greatest memory I have is watching her doing old-fashioned brown sugar fudge. I could not wait for her to finish the fudge so that I could lick the bowl. 

Growing up on a farm meant spending long hours helping my parents with the animals and many chores.  We had a huge vegetable garden. The smell and taste of a freshly picked tomato cannot be compared to anything you buy at the market. We were eating by the seasons. Over the years I have become more confident in the kitchen, started my own cookbooks collection and wanted my children to have lasting memories of what we cooked and baked at home. 

In 2006 La Cuisine d'Hélène was born and I dedicate this blog to them. Another passion that follows me since my childhood is photography. When I had my first real job I bought myself a Nikon with couple lenses.That was really expensive at the time.  I now shoot with a Canon Rebel T4i with a macro lens for my food photos.  I much prefer to shoot digital. 

I was born in Québec and now reside in Ottawa, ON. For the past 26 yrs I have moved in 7 different provinces from Coast to Coast. I started a career in the military and met my husband in Portage-la-Prairie, Man. After dating for three months we were married. We wanted to start a family and I decided to quit the military. I wanted to be home to raise my children. When my third child started kindergarten I returned to work for five years with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Fredericton, NB.  I was working in Criminal Intelligence.  Loved every minute of it. Sadly my husband was transferred to Nova Scotia and I had to quit my dream job. Since then I have been a stay-at-home mom.

My interests are travel, yoga, photography, cooking and baking. We did camped across USA one year for 10 weeks and it was a trip that we will never forget. I also travelled in England, Paris, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Brunei, Singapore, Bali. My dream is to travel to every Continents. 

All photographs on La Cuisine d'Hélène were taken by Hélène Péloquin, unless otherwise noted. The photos taken by Hélène are copyright La Cuisine d'Hélène. If you would like to use my photos please send me an email to ask for permission and link back to the recipe from which the photo is taken. 


  1. Helene, i stumbled upon your blog from Zurin's (cherryonacake). yours is absolutely stunning and visually vibrant. i am new to the blogging world (just 6 weeks) and its wonderful to discover so many more blogs. i look forward to visiting your blog often. best wishes, shayma

  2. Helene, I just came across your blog (perhaps an older one?) as I was searching for a healthier carrot cake recipe. Your pictures are drool-worthy and I look forward to trying your wide range of recipes. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Thanks so much for the comment. So nice of you!

  4. Votre blog est merveilleux, j'adore vos recettes et vous felicto parce que vous êtes la cuisson de vos parents, surtout ta mère, je tradition de l'amour et j'adore la cuisine française, volontiers vous suivre lorsque vous lisez un grand homme , Des bénédictions, des embrassades grande.

  5. Hi Helena!
    I stumbled upon your blog while looking for a avocado salad recipe. You posts and pictures are fabulous! :)

  6. Helene.....
    Love your site!! Wow!! You made a sweet comment on my site and I like to look and see just who is following and wal la ~ here I am love your site! I will be following along now! It looks as if we have so many things in common. smiles....

  7. I love your creativity, and I am always checking your blog for new goodies to make!

  8. J'ai de la difficulté à comprendre pourquoi votre blog est en anglais. On ne peut même pas traduire, ou bien je n'ai pas trouvé votre blog en Français. Comme je ne parle pas anglais, j'ai beaucoup de difficulté à lire vos commentaires ou encore la description. Pour la recette comme telle, il n'y a pas de problème.

    J'ai hâte de vous lire en Français.

    1. Bonjour, vous pouvez utiliser Google et ensuite il y a une fonction qui permet de lire les blogs dans la langue de votre choix. Bonne journée.


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