Want a piece of Pizza?

Wow dinner tonight was good. After a day of driving my son to hockey games, he is a referee and had two games today and also he played one game, so I decided that dinner had to be quick to put together once we get home.

I borrowed a copy of Cook's Illustrated at the library and had my eyes on this pizza since couple days. Tonight was the night to experiment. I followed the instructions and this was the quickest, easiest pizza dough that I ever made. It's made in the food processor and it is ready in 2 1/2 min. Then you have to let it rise for about 1 hour. You need this time to prepare you homemade pizza sauce and warm up the pizza stone. The stone is a must in this case.

The only thing I changed was to make it a pepperoni pizza instead of Margherita. I also found a great recipe for homemade pizza sauce and tried it for the first time tonight. It was so good. I will never buy pizza sauce again. It makes a lot of sauce and I will freeze what's left and that way I'll have the sauce ready for next week. We usually have one pizza night a week.

Back to the crust; I said that it was really quick to make and also it is really good. This is now my new recipe that I'll be using for my dough. I don't know if I will ever try a new recipe. It was perfect.

I mentioned that you need a pizza stone and also you need a pizza peel. Since I did not have one it was a nightmare to tranfer the dough to the stone. I did it with the help of my son. I had to fold the pizza in half and transfer it. I really have to find one of those peel. I also sprinkled some cornmeal on the stone. That way the dough does not stick to the stone and it's easier to remove the pizza once it's cooked.

Pizza Margherita

Pizza Sauce



  1. I see we are all on a pizza high :) That looks great! I certainly would not think that the sauce was anything less than flavorful-- it's a very long ingredient list! :)

  2. Yes, please!!!! That pizza looks gorgeous!



  3. That pizza looks really good! The cheese is perfectly golden brown.

  4. Homemade pizza is one of my favorite recipes for a winter evening. My stomach just did summersalts looking at the photo!

  5. Who doesn't love a great pizza. I will have to give your dough a try!!

  6. Helene, I'll have half the pizza, please!

  7. Coming your way Peter!

    I still 'drooled' over this pizza today. I think the homemade sauce really made it also.

    Can't wait to make it again.

  8. Oh and I forgot to say that I can definitely relate to being frustrated at trying to slide a pizza onto a pizza stone! I've done it once successfully, the second time I used a different recipe that stuck like crazy so I ended up folding it into a giant calzone-like thing!

  9. Yes, yes, yes! that's my answer to your blog post. :)

  10. I really do want a piece of pizza, it looks delicious!

  11. Cynthia, eatme_delicious, brilynn: Thanks for dropping by. We made it again tonight for TGIF, at our home, and it was so good. My son helped with everything and thought it was so easy to put together. Everyone was fighting for the last piece.

  12. Yes but one slice might not be enough for my big appetite!
    Can i have the whole pie instead?

  13. PS I have tagged you for a MEME Helene. This is an easy one and you are not obligated but check out my answers if you get the chance. Cheers!

  14. I love making home-made pizza and yours looks great.

    I've had my troubles with transferring a floppy pizza to the hot stone as well (praying I don't burn myself horribly in the process), and something that's worked for me:
    * get out a baking/cookie sheet
    * set a sheet of parchment paper on which is cut to the size of your pizza stone
    * sprinkle on some corn flour
    * prepare your pizza there

    Then, transferring the pizza on to the stone is as simple as tipping the cookie sheet--no fall apart pizzas and no burns! If you can slide the parchment out from under it, go for it, but I'm usually not so daring. ;-)

  15. Thanks Zen Chef, Nikki, Susan, Mike for dropping.

    I'll try your trick, Mike, next TGIF. That's when we have pizza.

  16. Elle déborde d'affection cette pizza !



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  18. I love making pizza, and I was excited to see your post about it! I used to have a pizza stone, and I really should get another! I like using Cooks Illustrated for many ideas and recipes. I haven't made pizza in a while, I keep forgetting about it - this weekend for sure - perfect weather for stoking up the oven!

  19. I have never tried making my own pizza crust for some reason??! I think my kids would love this must try :)

  20. just figured out what to make for supper on Saturday!

  21. I really wish I had that pizza in front of me right now!


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