E...for Excellent Award

What a beautiful day. It's sunny outside and I received this wonderful Award from my friend Val at More than Burnt Toast. You have to pay her a visit. She had a big heart and always good stories to share with us. Also great recipes and pictures.

It's my turn to give this great award to 5 blogs:

1- Kevin of Closet Cooking. What an inspiration. He went from boring meals to a nice variety of quality meals everyday. I like his recipes, simple and great results. He lives in Toronto.

2- Here is another great blog from Vancouver: Eat me delicious. I started visiting her blog because she is vegetarian and I love her pictures. Also great baking recipes. Worth a visit.

3- Now we're going to visit a blog in Switzerland: Rosa's Yummy Yums. I like to read her stories. She also shares pictures of her cat and the area where she is living. If you stop buy she'll pay you a visit and will leave you a comment. That's great of her.

4- In California we have Susan of Food Blogga. Many great recipes and she has so many friends in the food blogosphere. I'm sure she'll be more than happy to add you as a new friend.

5- Why don't we go in Long Island, NY now? I recently discovered this blog: Culinary Types. I like to read his stories and also I love his desserts. I wish I was next door.

I could go on and on. So many blogs out there that I visit everyday. I hope you'll pass on this award to your blogger friends that inspires you.


  1. Helene I am so glad that you decided to forward on the award. I read all of the blogs you mentioned on a regular basis except for the last one..but that is part of what blogging is all about because now I have discovered someone new :D

  2. Thanks ever so much for writing about my blog!!!

    Have a nice day and cheers,


  3. Thanks so much, Helene - what a nice compliment! I have enjoyed visiting your blog too, and look forward to more!

  4. Thanks!! I have been enjoying your blog as well!

  5. Aw wow Helene thank you!! :) I'm so honored. You've given me my first food blog award. :)

  6. I am so flattered, Helene. You just made my day. I've been out of town a few days this week and had gotten behind in checking my email and comments, so it was a true pleasure to see this award. Have a lovely weekend. Cheers, Susan

  7. Thanks everyone. I hope you enjoy the Award as much as I did.


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