Banana Bread for World Nutella Day

Cooking Light Mom's Banana Bread

Today is World Nutella Day. We love Nutella. If I'm at a crêperie I will always order a crêpe with bananas and nutella. At home we love nutella on toasts, croissants and on banana bread.

Since I wanted to keep things on the light side, I decided to try the banana bread that seems to be the post popular on the Cooking Light Bulletin Board. I read all of the great reviews and finally started baking. This bread has only one quarter cup of butter so I was curious to see the results. It did not take long after it was out of the oven that I wanted to try a piece of that bread. The outside of the bread is more chewy than your traditional banana bread. The texture is also chewy but I have to admit that the taste is really good. First I tried it by itself, liked it, and when I spreaded the Nutella it was even better. I could not stop at one slice.

The boys will be happy, they love to snack on banana bread and also, for them, it's a quick grab & go breakfast in the morning.

I'm glad I finally baked this recipe. I will bake this banana bread again if I want to spread Nutella on top, that way I'll save some calories. If I want a plain, old-fashioned banana bread I will make Mrs. Hockmeyer Banana Bread .

Going back to World Nutella Day:

Nutella Day was created in 2007 when Sara Rosso, an American blogger living in Italy, thought that there were many days in the year but no day set aside to appreciate Nutella. Why not?

And World Nutella Day was born.

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