Parisian Fruit Tarts - Invite a Blogger to your Table

Parisian Fruit Tartlets

For Mother's Day my three kids were home for Dinner. We had a delicious Penna Alla Vodka with garlic bread. For desserts we had Parisian Fruit Tarts from The Modern Baker. I purchased this cookbook a while ago and it was the first time that I was baking from it. To make the tarts you prepare a press-in cookie dough. This was the easiest crust that I have ever made for a tart. It has the taste and texture of a shortbread. I made my tarts using mini tart pans. You bake your tarts and then you garnish them with pastry cream and fresh fruits. The tarts are good to eat by themselves. Other than pastry cream you can garnish the tartlets with a chocolate ganache adding a bit of Bailey's for a special treat. These Parisian Fruit Tarts are a mainstay of pastry shops in Paris. These are best with seasonal fruits that you find at your market.

This recipe is for the event Invite a Blogger to your Table. The concept is to invite another blogger to share a recipe with you. This is a great opportunity to challenge yourself in the kitchen and create new friendships. I invited Kayte from Grandma's Kitchen Table to bake these Parisian Fruit Tarts.



  1. So dainty and tempting looking!



  2. I love this and really love press in cookie dough. The filling sounds simple yet stiil quite parisian. Great name for this tart.

  3. Tes tartelettes sont toutes mignonnes, helene! J'adore leur forme ovale!

  4. Your tarts look delicious Helene. I am so glad you invited another blogger to your table and continued sharing.

  5. Stunning tarts!I wish I could make one!

  6. I think I just figured out what to make for an upcoming wedding shower. Beautiful.

  7. Love how pretty these are Helene. Happy Mothers day to a wonderful mother! What a great idea to invite a blogger.

  8. They look beautiful and so delicious.

  9. yes just like everyone else said these are really pretty. you take such perfect photos: so crisp and clean. hope you had a good mothers day.

  10. These are almost too pretty to indulge in...almost! How delightful your photos are too. So cheerful and clear.

  11. Hy Helene,
    delicious n healthy recipe..
    new to your space your presentation..gorgeous clicks..
    Am your happy follower now..:)
    do stop by mine sometime..

    Tasty Appetite
    Event: Letz Relishh Ice Creams

  12. oh Helene, your photos are absolutely gorgeous! My favorite desserts are made of fruit. Hope you are doing well!!


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