Summer Fresh Hummus Layered Dip

Hummus Dip

It's Canada Day tomorrow. Looking for a great dip to serve your family and friends? Look no further. With Summer Fresh Hummus you can create a splendid, healthy, delicious dip in no time. I had the opportunity to test their products and let me tell you that I am impressed. It taste so good. I went back to the store, couple times since last week, to get more of their delicious products.

Summer Fresh has asked me to create a quick appetizer using their hummus. I love challenges and made a Hummus Layered Dip using their original Hummus and their tzatziki. Their tzatziki is thick and full of flavors. We are a group of 10 Canadian Food bloggers that had the chance to try their products and create recipes. You have the chance to try their products also. You can go on Facebook, 'Like' your favorite recipe and get a buy 1 get 1 free coupon and a chance to win a party for 20! How's that sound? Pretty good to me.

I am glad I had the chance to try their products. I am a fan now and will try different dips next time. I tried different hummus and this company makes the best hummus.

Hummus Layered Dip

This dip will be a hit at your next party.  It’s delicious and quick to make.  Serve with homemade pita chips, crackers, tortilla chips and it will disappears in no time.

1 x 260g  Summer Fresh Hummus Original
1 x 250g  Summer Fresh Tzatziki
125 ml  cucumber, diced
125 ml  red pepper, diced
12 cherry tomatoes, quartered
4 green onions, chopped
125 ml  feta cheese, cut in small cubes
60 ml  fresh coriander

In a plate spread the Summer Fresh Hummus.  Drop small amount of the Summer Fresh Tzatziki on top and spread evenly.  Top with the vegetables, feta cheese and garnish with the fresh coriander.

Serve with homemade pita chips, crackers, tortilla chips.


  1. A nice dip! That is a great idea.



  2. Looks wonderful. Great photographs. Have a wonderful Canada Day!

  3. Je suis toujours ravie de voir tes magnifiques photos, ça l'air délicieux!!

  4. Hummus is my favorite thing in the world besides cookies! Literally I eat hummus with crackers every single night starting around 6ish when I am cooking dinner! I love it to pieces and this is an awesome post!

  5. Looks like a fresh and colorful dip for summertime. Happy Canada Day!

  6. both hummus and tzatziki in the same dish? i'm in heaven! :)

  7. Do you do anything special for Canada Day? Love layer dips but never thought to try one with hummus.

  8. I love layered anything and using their dip for this idea is genius!

  9. Oh a lovely idea. I LOVE anything with hummus and can eat these all day!


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