Oreo Truffles - Eat Dessert First Kraft Canada

Oreo Truffles

Just five more days and my parents and brother are coming to Ottawa to Celebrate Christmas with us.  We are excited to spend some time with them.

If you are like me and you are planning a meal the first thing that comes to mind is dessert.  And why don't you have dessert first and start a 'sweet' holiday traditions!

This year @KraftCanada and DessertCentre.ca would like you to bake delicious desserts for your next holiday gathering and eat dessert first.  I received a beautiful package from Kraft Canada to help me prepare my desserts. They included a nice plate with my twitter name. So cool! Yesterday it was quiet in the house and I decided to try their Oreo Truffles. I was surprised how easy they were to make and how elegant they look.  These would also be perfect for a last minute hostess gift. You can find out what others are baking on twitter,  #dessert1st.


  1. What a lovely gift from Kraft. I have been looking at these truffles; I think I will try making these now that I see how well they turned out.

  2. You are a lucky little duck:) Love the basket..and the truffles..
    have a Happy,Peaceful Christmas.

  3. I love your plate! How very lovely of Kraft to send it to you. I'm also all for Desserts First! Your truffles look beautiful :) Enjoy a wonderful Christmas with your family Helene.

  4. So cool Helene. The truffles look delicious also!

  5. J'adore ces petits biscuits ORÉO, ils sont si jolis et bons, voilà une belle recette gourmande que tu nous présente
    Je te souhaite un bon mardi

  6. Wow, these sound incredible. Plain truffles are delicious enough...but oreo truffles would be amazing.

    Perfect for hosting during Christmas, I agree!

  7. those are some super fun truffles. i need to make me some of these!


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