Pain aux bananes et au chocolat de Mathieu Darche - Banana bread with chocolate chips Mathieu Darche


Last week Ricardo made a banana bread with Montreal Canadiens player Mathieu Darche. Mathieu said that the recipe was from his mom. I made it and it is delicious. As with any banana bread it is better the next day. The only thing that I will do different next time is to use less chocolate chips.

We had a busy week-end with hockey.  My son Mathieu was in a hockey tournament and we did some volunteer hours.  On Sunday my two oldest came for Dinner.  It was a nice way to end the week-end.

Next Sunday we are heading to Vegas.  We were there in August and can't wait to go back.  We are staying at The Palazzo again.  Love that place.  We got tickets for Elton John, will do some shopping, try new restaurants.  Any suggestions?