New addiction: Chip It!

I have an addiction to pictures, colors. Couple months ago I was invited to join Pinterest and found Pinterest to be a great place for inspiration. I love the visual format of Pinterest and in just one click you can look at pictures from great photographers around the World. Pinterest also gives me the chance to promote bloggers that I enjoy reading. If you are interested in joining Pinterest send me an email to request an invitation.

Since I love colors I found a new tool by Sherwin-Williams called Chip It! When you get inspired by an image, just enter the image URL and it will give you a customized color palette drawn from the image.

(Courtesy Maxime Charest)



  1. That is such a neat idea! My friend just came over yesterday w/ all her Betonel samples..she is having some rooms repainted..I love this idea..she is an artists..a real it is second nature to her.
    I love Pinterest.
    Dislike the new spell checks:(

  2. Those are great! I understand your addiction.



  3. Pinterest is great. Love this idea. I have seen it on P but did not know how it worked. Love it!!!

  4. This is so wonderful, how much fun to play around with Chip It!! Thanks. I just joined the Pinterest craze (after resisting for a long time as I figured I did not need one more distraction online, lol) and right now I am just using it for recipe storage of things that look interesting that I would like to make for one occasion or another. I intend to branch out eventually. Come find me so I can find you as I have no idea how to find people on it. Mine is either Kathryn Gerth or kbgerth. See you there?

  5. Such a great idea Helene. I'm in love with Pinterest and find it very addictive. This sounds like fun. Sherman Williams makes the best paint. I already like that glisten yellow I see above.

  6. I'm staying away from Pinterest right now as I know I will get lost in it for day's on end. I love this new feature from Sherman Williams!

  7. i'm fairly obsessed with colors too, and i love the creative names they're given! great find, helene. :)

  8. I love this idea! And I love pinterest too!

  9. Love Pinterest and what a grat concept you are showing us; merci.

  10. Oh, my gosh! I'm already addicted to Pinterest, I have a feeling this is going to take up the rest of my time!

  11. For those of you who love this, you might want to check out this other blog that is absolutely stunning:


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