Friday Favourites: The 30 Minute Vegan’s Taste of Europe & Finally... Food I Can Eat Giveaway

If you want to do a holiday renovation to make your favorite recipes healthier than ever, try some of the incredible plant-based offerings in The 30 Minute Vegan’s Taste of Europe: 150 Plant-Based Makeovers of Classics from France, Italy, Spain, and Beyond.

Award winning and world renowned Chef/restaurateur and bestselling author Mark Reinfeld has created a unique culinary tour de force of Europe’s most treasured dishes. Only he tackles the meaty fare that is European cuisine, offering inspired plant-based versions of everything from manicotti to French onion soup, moussaka to “notwurst.” The amazing book includes key pantry ingredients (with a special section on herbs), raw and gluten-free options (virtually all of the recipes are gluten-free), and suggestions for wine and beer pairing. Taste of Europe is a revolutionary cookbook that will help you to recreate all of your favorite classic European dishes in 30 minutes or less.

Please you tastebuds by trying recipe from:
  • Italy: Bruschetta, White Bean Dip, Fettuccine Alfredo, Pesto Pizza
  • France: French Onion Soup, Vegan Bouillabaisse, Pommes Frites
  • Spain and Portugal: Portuguese Feijoada, Empanadas, Spanich Rice
  • United Kingdom and Ireland: Irish Stew, Glazed Roasted Root Vegetables
  • Greece: Tzatziki, Moussaka, Gyros, Baklava Roulade, Red Lentil Soup
  • Germany: Beer Soup, German Potato Salad, Spaetzle Noodles, Notwurst
  • Europe Fusion: Baked Potato Latkes, Hungarian Goulash, Stuffed Cabbage

GIVEAWAY: One reader of La Cuisine d'Hélène will win Finally... Food I Can Eat! by Shirley Plant. Enter with the Rafflecopter below.

Finally... Food I can Eat! is:
  • A quick guide to Natural Food Chemicals, Food Additives, Food Families, and Rotation Diets
  • A useful introduction and guide to food allergies and intolerances
  • Substitutions and alternatives to common foods that you need to avoid
  • Recipes that are low in sugar and cholesterol and are great for those following diabetic, candida, allergy-free, or heart-smart diets
  • Delicious recipes that will appeal to everyone in the family - and your guests will never know they are eating allergy-free food
Recipes that you can make: Blueberry Buckwheat Pancakes, Maple Granola, Vegetarian Shepherd's Pie, Caribou Meatloaf, Beef Stir Fry Wrapped in Lettuce Leaves, Sweet and Sour Chicken, Fish Fingers, Leek and Potato Soup, Waldorf Salad, Rice Salad, Caesar Salad, Homemade Fries, Banana Muffins, Oatmeal Cookies.
Shirley Plant has studied in the field of nutrition for many years. Diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and multiple food and environmental allergies, Shirley understands firsthand the difficulties of trying to plan creative, nutritious, and affordable menus while having to avoid such common foods as wheat, dairy, eggs, corn, gluten and sugar, just to name a few. But through understanding, education, and a keen interest to help people find food alternatives to fit into their life schedules, Shirley has developed an expertise and reputation in dietary design, customized recipes and menu-planning.



  1. those two books look amazing. Full of amazing recipes and dishes. Would love to have one

  2. I would love to win this. I have so many food sensitivities.

  3. Would love to win this so I can share recipes with my family as they have food sensitivities and fibromyalgia...and try to some yummy real food recipes

  4. There are so many recipes on that book I would love to cook for my wife.

  5. our family has several people with eczema caused by food allergies. this book would be so helpful!!

  6. I would love to win it to cook some meals for my wife

  7. great cookbook I would love to have this thanks! :)

  8. There are many people who have limitations in their diets but we can all benefit from healthy recipes.

  9. My daughters friends and my husbands family all have food allergies so this would be a great cookbook to have on hand.

  10. I love to try different dishes even no having any allergies. Love the books

  11. i think this would be great for coooking for other people with food alergies

  12. I would love to win this. Would be great to find more recipes that the kids can have.

  13. Thanks for the opportunity to win this!

  14. Thanks for the opportunity to win this. I love to cook and would try all the recipes out!

  15. I would love to have this book in my kitchen!

  16. I love the classics. I live to travel and enjoy the local cuisines too


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