Kraft Philadelphia Chocolate for Breakfast in Bed

Oh my have you had the chance to try the new Kraft Philadelphia Chocolate? If not, you are missing on a delicious new product.

With Chocolate Philly you get the dairy goodness of Philly plus the deliciousness of pure milk chocolate - with half the sugar and calories (per 1 tbsp. serving) of the other guys.
Your kids, husband, wife could surprise you in bed with breakfast consisting of a croissant with Kraft Philadelphia Chocolate and fruits on the side. On my croissant I melted dark chocolate to spread on top and added almond slices. Decorate the plate with powdered sugar and voilà you have a fantastic breakfast that does not only look good but that is delicious.

This is so yummy that I eat this new Kraft Philadelphia Chocolate by the teaspoon. It can also be spread on anything and be used in baking. Imagine a fresh donut with Kraft Philadelphia Chocolate on top. Yum!

Visit the Philadelphia Facebook page and take the Chocolate Philly's FB Breakfast in Bed 'Likes' Challenge. On the Facebook page you will find out how you could be waking up and have breakfast serve in bed by a loved one or a person in your dream. You deserve that treat.|3.0|5282|2788943|1|16|AdId=4272446;BnId=1

Disclosure – This is a sponsored campaign for SheBlogs and Kraft Canada. All opinions expressed are my own. 



  1. Pas essayé encore mais ça l'air délicieux!!

  2. What a beautiful chocolate drizzled croissants! Love the almond addition too!


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