Fruit Parfait with Maple Syrup - The Canadian Food Experience Project

For The Canadian Food Experience Project we talk about A Regional Canadian Food this month.

Being raised in Quebec we always had maple syrup in the house. We poured maple syrup on top of fresh fruits in the summer, in the fall we would add maple syrup to our apple crisps, in the winter we would eat it with crêpes and in the spring maple syrup was eaten with homemade baked beans and ham.

Everywhere I lived in Canada my mom would always send me a package in the spring with cans of maple syrup of the year. I was always excited to receive this box every year. 

For this month I prepared a Fruit Parfait with Maple Syrup. 

The Canadian Food Experience Project began June 7, 2013. We have now over 80 participants across Canada and we share collective stories through regional food experiences. You can join by clicking this link.


Fruit Parfait with Maple Syrup

2 Butter Cookies
2 scoops Vanilla Ice Cream
1/2 cup Mixed Fruits
2 Tbsps Maple Syrup

Crush the cookies. Divide the cookies into 2 nice glasses.

Top with vanilla ice cream, fruits and maple syrup.


  1. Tes belles coupes ont l'air alléchantes!!

  2. Those from Ontario would tell you the best maple syrup is from Ontario...wink. No matter where it is from in Canada it is the best. I always remember eating it like candy after being cooled on the snow. Here in K-town we had a maple syrup festival this year that took me back to my childhood.

  3. now that is some parfait! Wow! Gorgeous and delicious

  4. What a beautiful parfait. Love this quick and easy way to impress - and they are always delicious with fresh fruit and cream... and anything else in the mix. Maple Syrup would definitely elevate the experience and write Canadian across the treat! Hope you are well, Helene.
    Big hug!