Molasses Cookies Recipe

My mother-in-law starts early in the fall to make pâtés and pies for the Holidays. She has four boys and they all played hockey when they were young. Let me tell you that she had to prepare big meals every day of the week to feed those boys. Because they were involved in sports my father-in-law made them an ice rink in the backyard every winter. More boys would come join the family to play hockey outside. They would sometimes be invited in the house for a treat. One of the traditions in their family is to make 'galettes à la mélasse': Molasses cookies. When I met my husband he was proudly talking about those famous galettes.

Over the years I have been trying different recipes to try to re-create those memories he had growing up. At one point my mother-in-law gave me her recipe but I could not find it this week. I found another one and they turned out to be pretty good. I like thick molasses cookies that are filled with spices. On Sunday my daughter came home with her friends for an afternoon of knitting and we indulged in those cookies. My daughter went home with some cookies to share with her roommate.

During the month of December I like to bake cookies and squares. I have some recipes that I have been making for years, and my kids expect to eat them when celebrate during the holidays. I will also be bringing homemade baked goods to family members when we go visit them in Quebec. It always puts a smile on their faces.

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2 1/2 cups all-purpose unbleached flour
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp ground cinnamon
1/2 tsp ground ginger
1/4 tsp ground cloves
1/4 tsp salt
1/2 cup Gay Lea butter, at room temperature
3/4 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup molasses
1 egg
2 tbsps milk

1- Preheat oven to 350F.  Place a Silpat or Parchemin paper on a cookie sheet.
2- In a medium bowl, whisk flour, baking soda, baking powder, spices and salt together.
3- In a KitchenAid mixer, cream butter and sugar on medium speed until well combined. Add egg and beat another 30 seconds. 
4- Add flour and milk. On low setting beat until flour and mix are well combined.
5- Using an ice cream scoop of 1/4 cup place cookie dough on cookie sheet, leaving 2 inches between dough. 
6- Bake at 350F for 15 to 18 minutes. Let cool the cookies on a cookie rack.
Adapted from Ricardo

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  1. Divine cookies! I love molasses...



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    pam w h

  3. I told Genevieve that I was going to be looking forward to your posts about what you make over the holidays for your family Christmas traditions. My grandmother also made giant ginger cookies... or molasses cookies. She kept them in a huge old pickle jar, but they were so large they would barely fit through the hole in the lid. How I miss her and those cookies.

    1. Val we eat a lot when we visit family in Quebec for the Holidays. There is always food on the table until we go to bed. Wine also. I will have to walk a lot in January :)

  4. I'd like to make the Neapolitan Slices.

  5. I love Gay Lea butter, I use it in all my baking, I use it everyday from buttering toast, using it in mashed potatoes, carrots, corn you name it and it gets buttered, there's at least 5 lbs in my freezer at all times..anyways going through their recipes I want to try their Chocolate Orange Shortbread, been looking for a new recipe to try and this is the one

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    naloe@hotmail dot com

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  12. mmmm - Cranberry Scones

  13. I'd love to make Cinnamon Bun Swirl Shortbreads

    I love molasses in baked goods! I just made a molasses cake this week. Yum!

  14. I have to make shortbread cookies for an office cookie exchange, I need all the butter I can get!

  15. I would love to try the Cinnamon Bun Swirl shortbreads! I have a family recipe for standard shortbreads but heading to a cookie exchange this weekend and might stir things up for a change :)

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  17. ... my famous DARK CHRISTMAS CAKE!

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  19. The No Bake Cherry-Blueberry Cheesecake

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  21. I'd like to make the Blue Cheese & Fig Shortbreads.

  22. I would like to make the Cranberry Scones
    (Karla Sceviour)

  23. These cookies sound so delicious! And I love the photograph too :-)

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  29. I would make Crème Brulée French Toast! I love French Toast!

  30. I'd like to make the Neapolitan slices. (Maggie)

  31. I would love to make Cheddar Walnut Shortbread. I say I will make something similar every year, but tend end up purchasing them. This will be the year!

  32. I would like to make shortbread cookies.

  33. The Molasses Cookies look yummy - will have to try them.

  34. Shortbread - love it for Christmas especially!

  35. I'd make the Cheddar, Cauliflower and Potato Soup!

  36. I love molasses cookies- reminds me of my grandmother :)


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