#CheerForGold with The Augmented Reality Cereal and Snack Boxes

We have to wait another 23 days for the Sochi 2014 Olympics. General Mills is an official and proud supporter of the Olympics. They came up with a brillant idea to team up with Blippar, a very cool app for Apple and Android, to give you an interactive wow experience. When at the grocery store look for specially marked boxes of General Mills cereals that has the Cheer For Gold & Olympic logo.


As soon as I downloaded the app I did try it on the Nature Valley box. After a few seconds it was like I had Charles Hamelin, one athlete that I will cheer for, in my living room. Talk about a great experience. Then it was Eric Staal and Caroline Calve. I could not stop playing with the app and learn more about these athletes. With the Blippar App I was able to have access to bonus content like games, stats and interviews of the athlete featured on the box and you can take a picture with your favourite athlete.

These boxes are offered for a limited time. I can guarantee you that breakfast will never be the same in your house. It will augment your reality while you are getting into the Olympic spirit.

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