Change Your Life with Bacon - Twitter Party

I can relate so much to the woman in this video, from last year. I laughed watching it and I can tell you that life can be hectic, at times, when you have a family. At my house they prefer to jump over the basket of clean clothes than to pick it up to bring it upstairs. Sounds familiar?

Some nights, while preparing dinner, you wished that you could change your life. You could start by adding Ready Crisp Bacon from Maple Leaf Foods to your salads or Club Sandwiches.

This year the family is back with another video, watch this cool science project while mom is preparing a sandwich with bacon:

You must be hungry by now and are probably looking for Bacon Inspiration. Make sure to visit Appehtite for mouthwatering recipes using bacon. Why not try Bacon-Jalapenos and Cheddar Quesadillas or Clam Chowder with Bacon?

Now that you have looked at all the delicious recipe on Appehtite you could join us to talk BACON! Join our yummy #ChangeYourLifeWithBacon Twitter Party with @MapleLeafFoods on Wednesday, June 11th at 8:00pm ET.

Now that I got you interested in BACON, please RSVP below. 

Please be sure to enter your Twitter Handle ''@yourTwitterhandle'' in the Link/Blog Title field, and your Twitter URL '''' in the Link Field.

Wait, there's more. In joining us for this amazing twitter party, not only we will share with you recipes and talk about crispy bacon we also have prizes:

  • 5 lucky winners will win Bacon for a YEAR (52 coupons)
  • During the hour we will be giving away #BonusBacon to any partiers that show us their ultimate Bacon love, or that is creative or funny. 
  • We may have another 'special' surprise but you need to join us to find out.

Please don't hesitate to tweet and re-tweet about this #ChangeYourLifeWithBacon Twitter Party!!! See you on Wednesday.



  1. I will try to join this Twitter Party, thanks! Amelie

  2. We love bacon in the house, will join! Tom

  3. I love bacon and I love twitter parties!! Can't wait to chat! I'll bring the bacon mmmm


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