Grilled Peach Melba Sundae

peach sundae

This is a quick dessert to make during the summer. If you are like me you like anything on the BBQ. We bought a Kamado Joe this year and we are learning how to use it. It takes longer to preheat the BBQ but once it's ready you get a nice flavor from the hardwoods like oak, hickory and maple. Last night we made sausages with vegetables on the grill and it was delicious.

And don't forget dessert after your meal. Grill the peaches on the BBQ, let cool and when ready serve with a homemade Raspberry Sunday Sauce and Vanilla Ice Cream. It's spoon licking good!

I am a contributor to the Canadian Living Blogger Network and this dessert is featured on the cover of the July magazine.

Here's a link to the full recipe for Grilled Peach Melba Sundae.

This is a slideshow of bloggers that made the Grilled Peach Melba Sundae this month.

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  1. This with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, after a BBQ = the perfect summer treat!

    1. Yes Matt and sometimes I like to add a bit of real maple syrup on top of ice cream!

  2. I've never grilled a peach before, but now I want to try it! Sounds like a great summer dessert.

  3. gorgeous and sooo delicious. Grilling a peach to me brings out the best of its flavor

  4. My dad has a peach tree in the back yard that would supply perfect peaches for this dish! Yumm

    RAFFLECOPTER NAME is Anne Taylor

    1. That's so nice, I would love to have a peach tree.

  5. Can't wait to try this it looks so refreshing, a perfect end to a perfect meal!


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