Old El Paso goes Gourmet with Restaurante

Do you find yourself dreaming of beautiful beaches, sombreros and Mexican food? I do! In my second life I could be a #MexicanChef. We have Mexican nights at home and we love Nachos, Enchiladas, Burritos, Fajitas, Quesadillas. Olé!

I love to cook from scratch but some nights time does not permit me to spend countless hours in the kitchen. I have to make sure my family is well fed under 30 minutes without sacrificing flavour. This is when Old El Paso Restaurante comes into play. How does Steak Carne Asada, Baja Fish or Chicken Tinga sound to you? Play La Macarena and have fun making dinner for your family!

Are you getting hungry yet? Start planning a Mexican Theme Night and serve fun, modern food for your whole family with Old El Paso's new premium Restaurante product line. With Mexican music in the background, Margaritas and a delicious meal prepared with Old El Paso's new premium Restaurant product line you'll be dancing the night away. Your guests will ask for your recipes.

I could talk about Mexican cuisine all day.

Would you like to find out more about how you could serve a tasty meal, in the comfort of your home, with Old El Paso Restaurante?

Join our #MexicanChef Twitter Party!


We will inspire you in chatting about your favourite Mexican meals.  We'll share lots of tips and tricks so that you can bring authentic Mexican flavours right in your house! Of course we will introduce you to the new premium Restaurante product line. Let's not forget about amazing prizes like Restaurante dinner kits and hundreds in Visa Gift Cards!

Don't go away, we want you to find a picture of your favourite Mexican inspired meal, and have it ready to tweet out during the party. The picture can be a photograph of a meal you've created or had in a restaurant, a recipe you want to try, or simply a drool-worthy photo that you've found on social media. Look for your favourite appetizer, main course, or dessert - or all three! Then, bring your pictures to the Twitter Party, and get ready for a visual Mexican feast like no other.

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