2014 Cookbook Gift Guide

This is my 2014 Cookbook Gift Guide.

I collect cookbooks and read them like novels. I like to visit my local library and you will find me in the cookbooks section. If you come to my house you will find my cookbooks all over the place, near my laptop, on the table in the family room, in my bedroom.

If you are looking for a last minute gift for a family member or a friend please have a look at my list of cookbooks that I like a lot and make someone happy during the holidays this year!

You want to bake with Teff, Buckwheat, Sorghum, other Whole & Ancient Grains, this is the book for you. Alice Medrich desserts are so interesting and delicious. All of the nearly 125 recipes are gluten-free. You will find recipes like New Classic Boston Cream Pie, Beignets, Buckwheat Coffee Baby Cakes with Toffee Sauce, Chestnut Bûche de Noël, Chocolate Sablé, Nutella Sandwich Cookies. This is a cookbook to add to your collection. 

BAKING CHEZ MOI: Dorie Greenspan
This cookbook deserve a place on your bookshelf. Award-winning Dorie Greenspan explores the world of French desserts in her new cookbook: Baking Chez Moi. These desserts are easy to bake and are based on traditional recipes. She has included recipes that are the rage in Paris like Bubble Eclairs and Pistachio and Raspberry Financiers. 

If you want a vegan cookbook this is the one to get. This book is filled with simple recipes that are full of flavors. I especially like the Overnight Oats, such a treat in the morning with fruits. Even non vegan will like the recipes from Angela Liddon.

TARTE: Isabelle Lambert
This is a french cookbook with over 100 sweets and salty pie recipes from Isabelle Lambert of Les Gourmandises d'Isa. You will find lot's of mouthwatering pictures in this book and the recipes are from Europe and France. I can't wait to make her tarte tatin. She has also included some step-by-steps techniques like how to roll your dough. It's a really nice gift for your french friends!

I had to include this cookbook because I still make their artisan bread in five minutes a day and like it a lot. This book is about pizzas and flatbread and include sauces recipes. You will not order pizza anymore after your tried one of their delicious recipes. I like the Classic Pizza Margherita. This book will be a lifesaver for your pizza nights.

FLOURLESS: Nicole Spiridakis
One day I was perusing the cookbooks section at Chapters in downtown Ottawa. I saw this book and I knew right away that I had to get it. Nicole is a wedding cake baker and recipe developer. This book is filled with recipes for naturally gluten-free desserts. She is using ground nuts, egg whites, fruits, chocolate. We have a brother-in-law that is celiac and I can't wait to try one of the recipes for our next party. I might try the Mexican Hot Chocolate Cake with Milk Chocolate-Buttermilk Frosting. Looks yum!

I don't have a lot of sandwiches cookbook and was intrigued by The banh mi handbook from Andrea Nguyen. Her site is Viet World Kitchen and she just posted about How to Make First-Class Spam Banh Mi. I picked this book because I wanted different recipes and to challenge myself with vietnamese sandwiches. That's not something I usually make at home. She has a chapter on banh mi 101 which she says is for novices and experienced cooks. I haven't made anything from this book yet but can't wait to try the hanoi grilled chicken or the shrimp in caramel sauce.

FRENCH REGIONAL FOOD: Joël Robuchon & Loïc Bienassis
More than 250 French recipes of region by region traditional food. It's a culinary tour of France. You will find recipes like Onion Soup from the famous Les Halles markets of Paris, Macaroons from Bordeaux, Daube de Boeuf à la Dauphinoise, Cassoulet from Toulouse, Grilled Scallops from Brittany. This book is beautifully illustrated and reveals the traditions behind favorite dishes. This is an endless culinary adventure!


  1. Une belle liste..Dorie..toujours..
    Et assurément Isabelle.J'adore ce livre.
    Happy with all other suggestions..The 5 Minute Artisan especially as I have one already and like it a lot.
    Thank you!
    The Starbucks press was found on EBAY,,very reasonably priced..

    1. I love these cookbooks and Isabelle is a french fav. Happy Holidays!

  2. Oh she glows is such a good one!


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