Green Juice Recipe

Green Juice

I spent the past two weeks traveling. My husband sent me a message from Norway, two Saturdays ago, to tell me to book a ticket for the next day. He was in Stavanger for a business trip and his boss told him that he had to spend one more week working over there. I had less than 36 hrs to plan and pack my suitcase for my trip. I spent seven days in Stavanger. The weather was very nice and warm, the locals told us that it was unusual for this time of year. We even had the chance to walk on Sola beach one night. After my week in Norway, we went to Quebec City for four days. My son had a conference and we decided to drive him and take a vacation. I always liked Old Quebec City, it's so charming. 


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Growing up, I remember going to family gatherings and entering houses full of smoke. At the time, everyone around me was a smoker, except my dad. We grew up in a smoke-free house but it was not the case for the rest of my family. Since my dad had 14 brothers and sisters, during the holidays there were a lot of people smoking. My grandpa would sit by the wood stove and light one cigarette after the other. Around the age of fifteen, I smoked my first cigarette, and for a couple of years I became a social smoker. I am glad that I quit smoking for good before my three kids were born. I remember going to the corner store, not being of legal age, and being able to buy a pack of cigarettes. The cashier would never ask us for ID.