Bittman's Simplest Bean Burgers

What to make for lunch? It's always the big question of the day. After reading a lot of reviews of How to cook everything Vegetarian by Bittman on the Cooking Light boards I ordered my copy thru the library. I always like to have a good look at a cookbook before buying it.

So it was 1 p.m., I was hungry and needed something quick. I finally sat down with the cookbook and I started to flip thru the soups section but always had an ingredient missing to make any of the recipes. I did not feel like doing a trip to the grocery store. So I finally remembered people talking about 'The Simplest Bean Burgers'. I thought how can a simple burger be good. There was only six ingredients in the list. But if people were talking about it there has to be something good about the burgers. Timing was saying 20 minutes. So I said to myself: what do I have to loose? Let's do it. I throwed everything in the food processor, which took about 5 min., made the patties and cooked them 5 min. per side and 15 min. later, not 20, lunch was ready. As it was cooking I made a simple side salad to go with the Simplest Bean Burgers. I whisked some olive oil, Dijon mustard, a good balsamic vinegar, a touch of maple syrup, salt and pepper. I added nice tomatoes, fresh lettuce, green & red onions. Everything was ready at the same time.

I have to give this recipe a 10/10. I just devored it and had two patties. The rest will go in the freezer later uses for quick lunches. Bittman surprised me again. And yes this Simplest Bean Burger was really good. I don't know how someone would ever go back to store-bought veggie burgers after trying these.

The Simplest Bean Burgers