A Tasty Salmon Wrap & A New Blog

I like to prepare myself quick lunches. Today I prepared a tasty salmon wrap. Quick to put together and delicious. I mixed salmon with grated carrots, greens onions, a little mayo, added Monterey Jack cheese and fresh lettuce. Voilà! Quick, healthy lunch.

Talking about healthy food I just discovered a new blog. It's Sophie, a nutritionist from Oxford, England. Her blog is called: Mostly Eating. I like the design of her blog. She wants to fight healthy eating and sustainable food choices. I like her approach. She also had interesting recipes like:

-Middle-Eastern Lamb Polpettine with Houmous

I hope that you will be visiting her.

On a sad note I really have to talk about something that keeps popping into my head. It's one of those things in life where I ask myself over and over: why? and I don't get any answers. Last night after hockey my son said: mom, my defence partner will not be back next week. So I said: why? He said he his getting chimo. I starred at him with eyes full of emotion and we start talking about it. He said that he had just learned about it, at the end of the game, when the coach, which is the father of the boy, said that his son's cancer came back for the second time. We did not know he had cancer at first. That boy is only 18 yrs old, handsome, goes to school, loves playing hockey, has a great father. I'm sending all of my prayers to the family today. But I can't stop asking myself: WHY???

Have a good day and hug your loved ones today.