Outrageous Oreo Crunch Brownies

It's time to throw those boxes of brownie mixes. When you want brownies you deserve the best. Those rich, chocolatey little gems will make you feel like Bree (in Desperate Housewives). They come out perfect. It will be a success at any events. Even if you don't really bake, you'll succeed with this recipe.

There is always friends of my teenage boys coming to the house. I don't know what attracts them here, maybe the Guitar Hero, but they always find their way in the kitchen. Again, last night, Max had a friend over. At eight o'clock I heard some noise in the kitchen. I said: Max, you guys are not eating all the brownies? He came out of the kitchen and said: No mom, with a mouthful of brownies. So it was time for me to hide them because I knew that tonight other kids will show up and I want to have a treat ready.

I saw those brownies posted couple times on Joe's blog,
Culinary in the Country. Joe has become a good reliable source for my cooking and baking. So far everything I made turned out really good. So after reading about these brownies, I had to make them. Also I love Ina Garten. She's passionate about what she does and prepares delicious recipes. This is one of her recipes. Ina & Joe would make a great team in the kitchen.