Golden Vanilla Cupcakes

Last Sunday was my son's birthday. We enjoyed a very good meal and also those delicious cupcakes. They are from Vegan Cupcakes take over the world. I received this cookbook not too long ago and did not have a chance to experiment any of the recipes. I have to tell you that I'm glad I did and will make another recipe soon.

What I like about these cupcakes is that they are light in texture, the flavor is really good with the addition of vanilla & almond extract and also there is no eggs in the mix. So you can lick your fingers, my favorite part when making dessert.

They only thing I found is that since there is no baking powder they don't rise much. So you have to fill out those muffins cups to the top.

To finish the cupcakes I glaze them with a buttercream frosting. Then I melted some Toblerone and decorate the plat with the chocolate and some strawberries. Everyone had seconds.