Apricot-Lemon Bars, Alice Medrich

Lemon-Apricots Bars, Alice Medrich

What a nice sunny day we have in the Valley today. I'm in the mood for baking. I have been invited to a baby shower, tomorrow, and have decided to show up with a plate of desserts. I already have some carrot cake squares left in the freezer and I wanted another light, summer dessert to add to the plate. I turned to Alice Medrich. You can't go wrong with her recipes. I choose a nice Apricot-Lemon Bar.

You start the bars with a shortbread base made with real butter, sugar, vanilla extract, salt and flour. Then the base is baked for 25 min. In the meantime you prepare the topping. You whisk together some sugar, flour, eggs, fresh lemon juice and apricot preserves. Back in the oven for 20 more minutes. You dust the bars with powdered sugar right before serving. The result is a nice, lemony, tangy bar. I can't wait to bring the plate tomorrow. This recipe will be a repeater for sure.