You Make My Day Award!

From the lovely Diva of The Sugar Bar I have been tagged You Make My Day Award. She made my day. This is so nice of her. Also take the time to visit her blog. She has great recipes and beautiful pictures.

I now pass this award on to 5 other fellow foodies and hope they too will share with the world 5 food blogs that they like.

Even if you have already receive this award in the past, from someone else, I still want to give it to you again because we share the same passion and I love visiting your blog.

Here we go with no particular order:

More than Burnt Toast, Kalofagas, Closet Cooking, And then I do the dishes, Sticky, Gooey, Creamy, Chewy and I feel generous today so one more: Aapplemint


  1. thank you for carrying on the tagging! :) so pleased! x

  2. Helene, merci beaucoups! You're a faithful reader of my blog and you've always got original and nice things to say.

  3. You're welcome Diva.

    Peter: I really like to visit your blog. I'm learning so much from your culture. That's interesting.

  4. Congrats! Your blog is great!



  5. First of all congratulations on your award and then also for thinking of me when passing it on. You always "make my day" with your recipes, family life and friendship out there on Vancouver Island:D


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