Mmm…Canada, The Savoury Edition

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Jasmine at Confessions of a Cardamom Addict is hosting an event called: Mmm...Canada, The Savoury Edition.

She wants to hear our stories about which savoury dishes or drinks tastes like Canada to us.

To me it all comes down to tradition. That's what keeps up together as a family. I was raised in Québec and we have dishes that we have been eating with my family since I was young. We have some meals that we cook year after years, during the Holidays, when we are all together. Some recipes were passed down from my grandmother. We still make ragoût (which is meatballs with pork hocks) and we love to eat tourtière (meat pie). I think every household in Québec have on different recipe of tourtière. We have our own family recipe, that my mother shared with us, then when we visit my husband's parents his mother makes a different version. This year my sister was hosting a party for New Year Eve and her boyfriend made different version of a tourtière. It was excellent. We traditionally serve tourtière with mashed potatoes, coleslaw, beets and fresh bread.

On other occasions we love our baked beans, pea soup, buckwheat pancakes, old-fashioned beef in red wine, cipaille (layered meat pie).

The most important of all is that we are all together to share these scrumptious meal. We love our food in Canada and we like to share it with family and friends.