A really tasty Hummingbird Cake

I was looking at my four ripe bananas and was asking myself what to make. Since I was invited to a BBQ I decided to bring a cake. Usually people will bring appetizers or salads and they forget about dessert. It turns out that one guy showed up before me and saw that there was no dessert and decided to make sugar pie. I then showed up with my beautiful Hummingbird Cake. So now the party guests had two choices. Let me tell you that both disappeared really fast. How can you resist warm, homemade sugar pie and Hummingbird Cake with a cream cheese frosting. The guests were returning for seconds for the cake. I also had requests for the recipe. Good thing I made three small cakes for my sons. They really enjoyed their treat while I was at the party.

I did a research on internet and cake up with different recipes for the Hummingbird Cake. After reading couple recipes I decided to go with Art Smith version. As all of you know he was the Oprah's former Chef. He opened his own restaurant in Chicago, Table Fifty-Two. I hope to drop in some day. He said that this cake was an inspiration from his childhood friend. Now this is the most requested dessert at his restaurant. After tasting it I have to tell you that now I know why. This is hard to resist. I went for seconds and thirds. This will become a staple in my kitchen. Hope you enjoy.

Hummingbird Cake in Back to the Table Cookbook

Back to the Table: The Reunion of Food and Family, Art Smith