A twist on Rice Krispies Squares

White Chocolate RK Squares

I have been following David Lebovitz, for a while now, and when he published his recipe for White Chocolate Rice Krispie Treats with Candied Peanuts I knew I had to give it a try.

Growing up my mother always had a plate of Rice Krispies squares, along with fudge, at every family reunion. She still does make them pretending that it's for the grand-children. But when she turns her back we all dig into the plate of RK squares. She still makes the basic recipe or the Chocolate Scotcheroos. Either one will disappear fast even if she has more fancy desserts on the table. There is something about Rice Krispies squares that I cannot explain. I guess it is a tradition for my mom to always have some on hand when we show up for a party.

David's made a version with White Chocolate and added Candied Peanuts. I decided, for my first batch, to make them without the Candied Peanuts. Yesterday the boys came home from school and there was nice plate of these on the table. The recipe past the test, they enjoyed everyone of them and in the next batch I will be making them with Candied Peanuts. I cannot wait to try them again. It was a brilliant idea to had White Chocolate. For Chocolate Lovers: my son adds a thick layer of Nutella to his RK squares.