Healthy Lunch

Bean Dip

Lunch does not have to be boring. I find myself, often alone, for lunch. My husband is working in Africa, for four weeks, and my sons are at school.

Today for lunch, I decided to prepare a bean dip. You sautéed some red onions, yellow peppers and garlic until softened. You add pinto beans and corn. Place in a baking dish with a blend of Tex-Mex cheeses. Bake until cheese melts. Serve with taco chips, salsa, sour cream & cilantro. All those flavors work well together. If you like spiciness to your food add some jalapeno peppers. In just fifteen minutes, you have a quick, healthy lunch on the table.

New Blog I just discovered:
If you have two minutes go visit The Bitten Word. These two guys are doing a good job at cooking one recipe per magazine subscription that they have, per month. Really interesting.