Chocolate Chips Cookies - Doubletree

Chocolate Chips Cookies - Doubletree

You are going to say: another CCC post? Yes, yes and yes. We do love cookies and I'm always looking for a better one. Like millions of people we have stayed at the Doubletree Hotel. And, of course, there was freshly baked cookies to great us. The night we stayed, I was going back downstairs, making excuses to get more cookies. Of course I was asking for more cookies because I was telling them that I had to bring cookies for my three kids and my DH. In the elevator I would eat mine and then start eating just pieces on every other cookies that I got for the gang. Typical. I did a search and found this recipe on Esurientes.

After spending more than 4 hours at the rink yesterday, my feet are still frozen, I wanted to come home and bake some cookies. So I did prepare the batter the night before and it went in the fridge overnight. We came home and I did prepare dinner. My hockey son said after dinner: mom I'm still hungry? For those of you that does not have teenagers I can send you my two boys for couple of days. (plus the girlfriends, and the friends...) So, I was prepared. I told him to go back watch the hockey game and that soon he would have freshly baked Chocolate Chips Cookies. You should have seen the big smile in his face. These cookies are really good, fresh out of the oven and still warm. We

On another subject I want to take the time to thank everyone that reads my blog and the brave ones that leaves a comment. You can't imagine that sometimes you are bringing a smile in the face of someone that may have had a bad day. I'm always looking forward to reading you and I'm grateful that I belong to this wonderful world for the food blogging. Thanks again.


Please note that I used Hershey's Chocolate Chips for my cookies.