Snickerdoodle Cookies


My love for this blog all started back in March 2008 when I first was introduced to this spicy couple viewing their first cooking video online. They immediately captured my attention with their own style and mix of culture. They are adventurous in the kitchen and they bring each recipe to a professional level. Since then I’ve been following them in their culinary adventures.

Always seeking for perfection and looking for the best Snickerdoodle recipe, Todd developed his own recipe. I have to say that I was impressed and immediately wanted to try ‘the’ recipe. I’ve never had a Snickerdoodle cookie before and this was the chance to taste one. I had all the ingredients on hand and started baking. You will find different Snickerdoodle recipes on internet and one ingredient that is often missing is cream of tartar which will give the cookie a tangy flavor. You will experience that when you mix cream of tartar with baking soda your cookies will rise quickly and then collapse. You will have a cookie that is crunchy on top and chewy in the center. After the first bite I was in love and can’t wait to try the Pizookie recipe that Todd developed with his Snickerdoodle recipe. My sons raved about these cookies and one of them shared them with friends at school.

For recipe visit White on Rice Couple Blog:


Note: After school my son said: mom my friend wants you to make these cookies every week now for school.