Fudgy Mocha-Toffee Brownies & Award

Fudgy Mocha-Toffee Brownies

To celebrate my new blog design I had made those Fudgy Mocha-Toffee Brownies by Cooking Light. These brownies are rich in flavor. I did made some changes to the recipe. I used extra-dark chocolate instead of chocolate chips in the batter. On top I did spread chocolate chips and toffee bits. My sons said that they were really good for a low-fat brownie. This recipe is one of their All-Time Best Recipes.

For recipe:

Fudgy Mocha-Toffee Brownies

Fudgy Mocha-Toffee Brownies

I received a Kreativ Blogger Award from George of Culinary Travel of a Kitchen Goddess. This is so sweet. Thanks George.

The rules:

1- Thank the person who awarded you.
2- Copy the logo and paste it on your blog
3- Link to the person who nominated you for the award
4- Name 7 things about yourself that people might find interesting
5- Nominate 7 Kreativ Bloggers
6- Post links to the 7 blogs you nominate
7- Leave a comment on each of the blogs to let them know they’ve been nominated

So here are 7 things you about me:

1- Like George I am addicted to cookbooks. I collect them and love vintage cookbooks. I read them like novels.

2- I was born and raised on a farm in Québec. My parents had 2000 pigs. I was the oldest of the family and helped with farm work, the garden and the house.

3- At a very young age I started to bake and cook. It was a passion. Still love it.

4- I always wanted to have children. At 11 yrs old I was babysitting a family of 4 kids. When I got married, at the age of 24 to a pilot in the Air Force, we started a family. I am now a proud mother of a 20 yrs old daughter and two sons (17 & 15 yrs old)

5- When I was young I wanted to be in the military and serve my country. I did at 21 yrs old and enjoyed every minute of it. I got out after I started a family because I wanted to be home to raise my children.

6- When my youngest son started kindergarten I went back to work for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in the Criminal Intelligence Department. Was the best job I ever had. I had to resign when we were transferred.

7- We were transferred seven times in seven different provinces. Was not always easy as we always had to leave good friends behind. On the other side we travelled across the country and have enjoyed everywhere we lived. Canada is a beautiful country. What helped me during these move was all the amazing bloggers that I have met online.

There are so many Kreativ Bloggers out there, I am going to nominate:

1- Dana Treat - Treat Yourself
2- Cinnamon & Spice
3- Selby's Food Corner
4- Elra's Baking
5- The Duo Dishes
6- Lisa is Cooking
7- My Carolina Kitchen