Mousseline au Chocolat - Julia Child

Mousseline au Chocolat

This post will be short and sweet. We are experiencing a heat wave on Vancouver Island and I don't function well when it's too hot. Our meals have been salads, sandwichs, take-out pizzas and smoothies. But yesterday I wanted to treat myself to something cold and chocolatey.

I wanted to make another recipe from Mastering the Art of French Cooking and decided to try the Chocolate Mousse (Mousseline au chocolat). This mousse needs some time to prepare but it is so worth it. This mousse is one of the best I have ever made, it's decadent, creamy, chocolatey. Julia Child's recipe is made with semi-sweet chocolate but I think you should buy the best dark chocolate you can find. I also had Herbal Chai Tea very dark chocolate in the pantry and did use some of it. It gives such an interesting taste to the mousse. This is the perfect dessert for entertaining because you can make it a couple of days ahead. There is even Grand Marnier in the recipe. If you want to make this mousse for kids you'll have to replace the Grand Marnier with orange juice.

If you are planning to buy the book here is what I think. I had made two recipes out of Julia's book and they are really good. I enjoy reading the book, the instructions are clear and if you follow the recipes to a T, you'll have success with them. But they are time consuming. You always need to plan well and in advance. I don't know how people can cook from this book, a full meal, in one evening. I would have to start early, in the morning, to make sure my Dinner is ready on time.

Mousseline au Chocolat

Recipe here