Maple Syrup Muffins

Maple Syrup Cupcakes
This week I was in the mood for baking with Maple Syrup. In Québec we love our Maple Syrup. My mom always sends me a package, every Spring, with new Maple Syrup.

These muffins are a bit healthier with the addition of oats. You can bake any muffins or cupcakes that you love and frost them with this delicious Maple Syrup frosting. It was the highlight in this recipe. We liked it so much that I doubled the recipe. We love a thick frosting on our baked goods.

Some news to share, in March we are going to spend ten days on the Island of Oahu. I am looking for all of your suggestions, ie: restaurants, shoppings, attractions, beaches, things not to miss. We will stay in Waikiki but will rent a car for day trips. This is our first time in Hawaii. We cannot wait to go.