Cake Pops - Cake Balls

Cake Pops

What an experiment I had this week-end in the kitchen. Cake Pops are the rage right now. You see them popping everywhere, even at Starbucks. Never eat them before and decided to make some for Sunday's Dinner when my kids come home to visit. Oh my they are time consuming. I prefer to make truffles or homemade chocolates. I made mine with using using this Red Velvet cupcakes recipe and baked the batter in a 9x13 cake pan. The next day crumbled the cake and mixed it with a cream cheese frosting. This makes it very moist. Then roll balls of this mix and cover with melted chocolate. Sounds simple? Not quite. I followed the instructions found on Bakerella, BTW she is really impressive and you can buy her Cake Pops book at Amazon. After rolling my balls I chilled them for couple hours, that part was easy. Then I was ready to dip them in melted chocolate. This is where it gets tricky. I did dip my lollipop sticks in the chocolate first and then inserted them into the balls and then dipped the balls into the melt chocolate. The problem was that the sticks would come off and the cake balls would stay in the chocolate. I guess my batter was too oily. So I ended making inverted cake pops. At one point I gave up and just made Cake Balls. Quick to do, just dumped them in the melt chocolate and place them on a parchment paper and let the chocolate harden before eating. I prefer to store them in the fridge at this point.

Will I ever do Cake Pops again? Probably as I want to get this right next time. They are cute and delicious. My kids liked them.  It could be a project we would do together and have fun decorating them.

Here is Bakerella Cake Pops tutorial on YouTube.  Looks so easy the way she does it.