The 7 Link Project

I was flattered to have been nominated by David of Frenchie and the Yankee for the 7 Link Project. David is from France and has moved to the States in 1999. I drooled over his pictures and love reading about his trips. On his blog he shares his passion for entertaining, cooking, traveling and photography.

My most Beautiful post:

I chose the post Back in Canada because it closed a chapter in our life and open a new one. After being with the military for 22 yrs my husband retired in 2008. In April 2010 we sold our house in Comox, BC and travelled for 2 1/2 months in our travel trailer across the States. It was an amazing trip that we want to do again someday.

After all these years living away from family and friends we decided to buy a house in Ottawa, ON to be close to my two oldest kids. We missed them so much when we were living away. Since then we had spent quality time with them, traveled with them, went to shows, restaurants and there is so much more to come. Family is the most important thing for me.

My most Popular post:

To this day this is my Most Popular Blog Post.  I get hits everyday for this recipe of Banana & Chocolate Chips Muffins that was written in French.  It was published in 2006 when I started this blog.  You can see by the picture that, at the time, I did not style my photos.  I would prepare a recipe and just snap a picture for my blog.  I was excited to start sharing recipes with my friends and family and styling was not at the top of my priorities.

My most Controversial post:
I could not find one.

My most Helpful post:

French Onion Soup

I was surprised to receive many emails about this French Onion Soup.  I especially like to make this soup in the winter when it is snowing outside.  It is also the perfect comfort food after a day skiing.  The good thing about this soup is that you get to finish the bottle of wine during the meal.

A post whose Success surprised me:

I made this delicious Nutella Swirl Pound Cake from Food and Wine Magazine, after seeing the recipe on one of my favorite blog More Than Burnt Toast. I received 104 comments and 417 views on Flick.

A post I feel didn’t get the attention it deserved:
These Parisian Fruit Tarts are so good, I thought I would get more attention for this blog post. Can't wait to make this recipe again. The recipe is from The Modern Baker and surely does not disappoint.

The post I am most Proud of:

This is not an easy one to answer. When you are a foodie and passionate about food you are proud of everything that you share with your readers. Food bloggers take pride in their work. We invest a lot of time testing recipes, taking pictures, writing posts.

I finally have chosen posts with pictures that my sons took. I am so proud of them.

This picture on the post of Grilled Pepper Poppers was taken by my son Mathieu. He was 15 yrs old and was looking at me taking pictures of those poppers. He said: mom give me the camera and I will take the pictures for your blog. I received lot's of compliment of the picture that I posted on twitter and also received 191 views on Flick. I was so proud of my son.

Another post that I really like is about our Cruise to Alaska. My son Maxime took this beautiful picture of Emerald Lake, Yukon.

Here are 5 people I nominate to carry on the 7 Link Project on their blogs.  They are true inspiration.

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