Gourmet Gifts Book - Dinah Corley

The Holidays are coming and some people like to start buying gifts several months in advance.  We all have on our list some family members or friends that have everything.  Why not surprise them this year with homemade gifts especially if it’s pretty to look at and delectable to eat.

Gourmet Gifts, 100 Delicious Recipes for Every Occasion to Make Yourself and Wrap with Style, has been written by longtime Martha’s Vineyard cooking teacher and food writer Dinah Corley.  In this book the readers will learn how to cook and wrap their gifts with love.

The book is divided into six chapters and each recipe comes with information on the time it takes to prepare and make, how expensive it is, how easy or challenging, and how to wrap it up.

-Small Tokens:  these gifts are intended to charm instead of overwhelm the recipient
-Big Batches:  when you want to prepare identical gifts for your family and friends
-Pennywise:  gifts that you can make and wrap for under $15
-Pound Foolish:  for someone that owns everything an indulgent gift of food is the perfect solution
-Feel Better:  gifts to nurture and comfort those who are in need of special attention
-Special Delivery:  special care packages to students, friend living away

You will find in the book delicious recipes like:
-Maui Macadamia Munch
-Mumbai Mixed Nuts in a Tiffin Box
-Asiago and Pine Nut Twists
-White Chocolate Mandarin Truffles
-Cool Cucumber Vodka
-Gouda Palmiers in a Coaster-Covered Tin
-Ten Country Pâtés

Buy a copy for yourself and copy extra copies to give to your friends this year.

Cardamom Coffee Can Cake
Faux Escargot Pastry Swirls in a Garden Trowel
Mixed Berry Ice Pops

Mango and Tomatillo Salsa


  1. Il est superbe.Thanksfor the recommendation.

  2. food gifts are the best gifts of all!

  3. What a nice treasure to give and receive. I will slook this up.

  4. Every year I vow to make homemade gifts and every year I fail terribly at it! I love this book! It looks beautiful. And inspiring.

  5. Love this book! I have to get it now- I am the one you were referring to when you say get christmas gifts early. I love that time of year and I am always baking goodies and buying presents come November! This book looks awesome- thanks girl

  6. Homemade gifts are the best, and these are some great ideas! I love the faux escargot!

  7. Food gifts are, in my opinion, the best kinds of gifts. Definitely need to check out this book!

  8. that's quite the book!
    fancy stuff but easy to prepare-- I could get into that.

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  10. Great book for holiday gift giving. Food gifts are my favorite.

  11. I can't wait to review this book...I've been drooling over all the pics and am excited to test some of the recipes.


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