Chocolate Crêpes with Cream Chantilly

Chocolate crêpes with Chantilly Cream

I have the pleasure to have my first contributor on La Cuisine d'Hélène, it is my daughter Geneviève. She made those delicious Chocolate Crêpes with Cream Chantilly last week-end. Please welcome my daughter Geneviève and read her bio here.

When I woke up Sunday morning, I knew right away I felt like having crêpes. But I didn't want just the usual, and I had seen this recipe in my mom's Gordon Ramsay book that I had been wanting to try. So after sending my dad to get some whipping cream -- hey, he has to earn his breakfast -- I decided to make these chocolate crêpes with crème chantilly and chocolate sauce.

It was really fun making them in my mom's special crêpe pan, whatever it's called. They came out really nice, when I didn't leave them on too long... I arranged them like in the picture and served them to my family. Everybody was really impressed and even more impressed after they tasted them. 

Chocolate Crêpes with Creme Chantilly
(Photo courtesy of Geneviève)

We even had to fight over the leftovers in the afternoon and I ended up finishing the whipped cream and chocolate sauce with strawberries because there were no crêpes left.

I really enjoy making special recipes and there's no one I enjoy sharing them with more than my family.