Ketchup aux Fruits maison - Fruit Ketchup

In the Fall my mom always made her own Fruit Ketchup. We had plenty of tomatoes in our garden and onions to make a big batch of this ketchup. It would last us thru the winter. I still make it and like to serve this ketchup with tourtières during the holiday season. My mom likes to serve her ketchup with pork chops and shepherd's pies.

Ketchup aux fruits - Fruits ketchup

8 tomatoes, diced
8 apples, diced
4 oignons
750 ml sugar
500 ml vinaigre
10 ml salt
pickling spices to taste

Place everything in a big pot. Bring to a boil. Then cook on medium-low for one hour.

Follow Bernardin's directions for canning.