Kraft Food for Families - National program designed to help food banks better serve their communities

What would you do if you had no food to put on the table for Dinner tonight?  I would like you to take two minutes to think about it.  Some of you had never suffered from hunger but unfortunately this is not the same story for every family in this country.

Ask yourself that if you had no money to buy food where would you go to get food.  Some rely on Food Banks in Canada.  They come from all sort of life and at some point in their life they could not have the money to go grocery shopping.  A mom will feed her family first but if there is nothing in the house she has to find a way to find food and if she has to she may have to get out of the house and walk, sometimes miles, to the nearest food bank.  I have seen it during one of the coldest days of December.  This mom came to the food bank, where I was a volunteer, pushing a baby in a stroller and having her four year old son walk along her for miles to get food.  It was really sad.  That night I could not sleep well because images of the eyes of that mom and her son kept rolling in my head.

Our local food bank had just enough food to feed families but some months our shelves were pretty empty.  We would wait for people and businesses to come and drop food at the food bank or give money.  The money was used to buy food necessities like eggs, orange juice, milk, bread, and sometimes meat.  Meat is a luxury when you don't have money.

Hopefully this year your local food bank will raise enough money to offer a decent meal for these families during the Holidays.

Kraft Food for Families is a national program designed to help food banks better serve their communities. This year, they’ve increased their donation goal to $125,000 and are now supporting 100 local food banks across Canada.
  • Food banks need more than just food to feed families.
  • Across Canada, many food banks face capacity issues – such as freezers, shelves for storage rooms, and even delivery trucks. These are the kinds of basic resources that food banks need in order to meet the growing demands of their communities.
  • Designed in partnership with Food Banks Canada, Kraft Food for Families will help Canadians support the short-term need for food and long-term solutions to hunger.

Starting at noon today all you have to do is visit and sign your name. Each time a name is added, 50 cents will be donated to one of 100 local food banks in five different regions across Canada.
  • The holidays are a busy time for everyone and that’s why Kraft is making it simple to make an impact in your community.
  • From November 1 to December 31, Canadians can add their name once a day, every day, to help reach our national goal of $125,000.
  • A total of $20,000 is available in each region. Once the $20,000 is reached in each region, the food bank with the most names in each region will receive a bonus donation of $5,000.
  • Regions:
  • Pacific (BC, NT, YK, NU)
  • Western (MB, SK AB) 
  • Ontario
  • East (Quebec)
  • Atlantic (NB, NF, PE, NS)
  • Last year, the program was an amazing success and as a result, food banks across Canada were able to buy what they really needed to help feed those in need, such as a new walk-in cooler and shelving for storage. 

Help families across the countries bring a decent meal for their family during the Holidays.  Other ways to help is to bring food directly to your local bank.

Ontario Food Banks:
Ailsa Craig and Area Food Bank, Alisa Craig
St. Vincent de Paul Food Bank, Alexandria
North Hastings Community Cupboard, Bancroft
Bobcaygeon Helps Food Bank, Bobcaygeon
Manna Food Bank of Bracebridge Inc., Bracebridge
Brampton Salvation Army, Brampton
Operation Harvest Sharing, Brockville
Caledonia & District Food Bank, Caledonia
Northumberland Food For All, Cobourg
Cochrane Food Bank, Cochrane
Georgetown Bread Basket, Georgetown
Partners in Mission Food Bank, Kingston
The Food Bank of Waterloo Region, Kitchener
Lanark Highlands Food Pantry, Lanark
London and Area Food Bank, London
Golden Town Outreach, Meaford
Salvation Army New Liskeard Family Services Food Bank, New Liskeard
Orangeville Food Bank - Caring for the Community, Orangeville
Feed the Need in Durham, Oshawa
Ottawa Food Bank, Ottawa
Madawaska Valley Food Bank, Palmer Rapids
Harvest Share Community Food Bank, Parry Sound
Food For All Food Bank (Serving South Grenville) inc., Prescott
Simcoe Caring Cupboard Food Bank, Simcoe
Community Care of St. Catharines & Thorold, St. Catharines
Hamilton Food Share, Stoney Creek (Hamilton)
Sudbury Food Bank, Sudbury
Dundas County Food Bank, Winchester

“As Canada’s leading food company, Kraft Canada is committed to enabling Canadians to make a difference locally – especially when that difference involves helping to fight hunger,” said Dino Bianco, president, Kraft Canada.  “With Kraft Food for Families, we are simplifying the act of giving back and supporting food banks in their quest to have a direct impact in communities across Canada.”