Tea Sandwiches Recipe

Tea Sandwiches

When we lived on Vancouver Island we went to the famous Afternoon Tea at Fairmont Empress Hotel.    We like the ambiance, the room is very elegant and there is piano music in the background. They serve tea, sandwiches and desserts. I tried every kind of sandwiches because I love sandwiches. The way they serve them is so chic. It was a special afternoon to remember.

Many times I did try to find a thin bread to make tea sandwiches at home with no success. Recently Dempster's has launched a new Dempster's THINS. Talk about the perfect bread for my sandwiches. Not only they the slices of bread are thin but they have 50% less calories that the leading competitor. If you like sandwiches as much as I like that is something to consider when buying a loaf of bread. If you have kids that don't have a big appetite at school it is the perfect size of bread. 

For my tea sandwiches I decided to make them with radishes and cucumbers. Growing up every summer we could not wait for radishes and cucumbers to be ready in the garden to makes sandwiches with them. All you have to do is spread any kind of cream cheese on your bread and top with any vegetables that you like. Sprinkle green onions on top. Et voilà you have yummy tea sandwiches that can be eaten any time of the day.