Zucchini Brownies Recipe

Saturday I drove to Montreal with my son to go visit the Mosaïcultures at Jardin Botanique. It is a must if you are visiting Montreal before September 29. To fully enjoy the experience you will need to plan at least three hours for your visit. I will post pictures soon. After our visit we went to my sister to celebrate my dad’s 75th birthday. He was surprised to see us and did appreciated that we drove all the way to Montreal to see them.  We always have a good time together. After dessert we drove back to Ottawa.

Today we are really feeling fall coming. The air is crisp and it is chilly outside. This is time to go back in the kitchen to bake. At the market you will still find fresh zucchinis. They are good in soups, salads, pasta. My favourite way to eat zucchinis is in baked goods because the desserts will be very moist. If you intend to bake with zucchinis, you should shred them fairly fine. Then you press the shredded zucchinis with paper towels to soak up excess moisture, that way your baking with not become too soggy. You can use zucchinis instead of carrots in baked goods like carrot cake, breads, cookies.

For my recipe today I did download the Crosby’s Wholesome Snacks for Hungry Kids e-book. Instead of baking my Zucchini Brownies in one pan I opted to bake them into mini muffins pan to have bite size brownies. Kids will love them in their lunch boxes. This e-book is featuring 16 recipes for lunchbox and afternoon snacks. These snacks are not only good for kids but also for the whole family.