Preserving: Our Canadian Food Tradition- The Canadian Food Experience Project

The theme for The Canadian Food Experience Project this month is:
  • Preserving: Our Canadian Food Tradition
Growing up on the farm my parents had a vegetable garden. We would keep carrots and potatoes in a cool place for the winter and my mom liked to make applesauce for the freezer. She also made Ketchup aux Fruits, which is fresh tomatoes, apples, onions and spices and we had jars to last us couple months in the winter. I still make this ketchup once in a while and like to eat it with Shepherd's pie. She also made beets and still does every year. She likes to give us couple jars in the fall.

We did not preserve anything else on the farm but one of my grandmother did many different kind of jams and I had always admired her cupboards when I was visiting her. 

Eventually I might do more preserving in the future. What do you like to preserve?