Linguine Carbonara Pasta Recipe

We woke up this morning and outside we have a pure white blanket of snow. It is beautiful. I like snow but don't like to shovel so much. We will be spending a few hours outside today to clear up the driveway. 

Before going outside I made a Linguine Carbonara Pasta for lunch. It was a quick dish to prepare with the help of Olivieri Classic Alfredo Sauce. For pasta I chose linguine because I like a thick pasta with this kind of sauce. And to add some crunch I serve my pasta dish with bacon on top. This gave us energy to go outside.

Linguine Carbonara Pasta

1 box 450g pasta
300 ml Olivieri Classic Alfredo Fresh Pasta Sauce
Parsley (optional)

1. Cook pasta according to package directions.
2. In the meantime heat the Alfredo sauce in the microwave.
3. When pasta are ready, drain and in a bowl mix pasta and sauce.
4. Serve with bacon and parsley.

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