Shortbread Cookie Recipe

Shortbread Cookies

During the Holidays my grandma and my mom would make Old Fashioned Brown sugar, sugar pies, desserts using Rice Krispies, squares but no cookies. My family likes cookies a lot and I started baking them when I moved into my first home. The first kind of cookies that I have ever made was Chocolate Chips Cookies. They were much better than store-bought. Since then I have tried peanut butter cookies,  homemade oreos, snickerdoodle cookies, gingerbread cookies, white chocolate Macadamia cookies, orange Christmas cookies but no shortbread cookies. 

The first time that I tasted a homemade shortbread cookie was at a neighbor's house during the Holidays. She made the cutest shortbread cookies with red and green cherries in the middle. They were really good. I then tried to make them but was not successful. I guess the ratio butter-flour was not good. Recently I discovered a recipe that I have tweaked a bit. Instead of using all flour I did substitute some of the flour with oats that I have reduced to fine powder. The recipe also calls for powdered sugar and is baked into a square pan. What makes this recipe so good is butter; you can't make a good shortbread cookie without butter. The final result is a nutty, buttery taste. I am so glad they turned out yummy because I was asked by Gay Lea Foods to share my shortbread recipe and this one will be a repeater in the house. Since I like to give homemade gifts I will be baking these to bring to my family during the holidays. 

Decorating the cookies is always the fun part. Ask your kids to help decorate them. You can decorate your cookies with the traditional red and green cherries or use your imagination. Some of my cookies are decorated with dark chocolate, some with white chocolate and small candies and the others are decorated with white chocolate and cranberries. Your options are endless and you should have fun in the kitchen when you make shortbread this year for the Holiday. Or you can start now and give some cookies to your neighbor's on November 13 for World Kindness Day.


375 ml All-Purpose flour
175 ml Oats 
250 ml Gay Lea butter at room temperature
125 ml powdered sugar
2 ml salt

1- Preheat oven to 325F.
2- In a blender reduce the oats to fine powder, about 10 seconds. 
3- In a bowl cream the butter. 
4- Sift the flour with the powdered sugar.
5- Add all dry ingredients to the butter. Blend well.
6- Pat the dough into an ungreased 9x9-inch pan and press edges down.
7- Pierce with a fork through the dough every half-inch. Bake 25 to 30 minutes.
8- Cut into squares while warm. Let cool for 2 hours before decorating.

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