BBQ Chicken Madras Recipe

BBQ Chicken Madras - La Cuisine d'Helene

Last Saturday my daughter texted me to ask if we were still having a family dinner on Sunday. We usually like to meet on Sundays, at our place, for board games and a meal. It's nice to catch up on what we did during the week and we just relax and have fun.

On Sunday morning I still did not know what to make for dinner. The weather was very nice so I decided that we would have a BBQ. I went to the grocery store and the chicken breasts were on special. When I came back home I still did not have any plans for dinner. I started to look inside the pantry and saw all of these amazing Patak's products that I have received not too long ago. Ten minutes later I had chicken breasts marinating in Tikka Curry paste and Madras Curry paste. You only need two ingredients for the marinade: plain Greek yogurt and any kind of curry paste. The yogurt makes the chicken very moist. I like to use thick yogurt when marinating meat, that's why I like to use Greek yogurt. You can let the chicken pieces marinate all afternoon.

Not too long ago we bought a Komado Joe and we have been playing with it to master this new BBQ technique. Before we had propane BBQs, they are easier to use. But you can't beat the taste of food on a Komado Joe. This chicken was cooked at 350F and did not dried out, it was so tender and delicious and my favorite of the two curry pastes is Madras.

BBQ Chicken Madras - La Cuisine d'Helene

BBQ Chicken Madras

450g Skinless, boneless chicken breasts
125 ml Greek yogurt
60 ml Madras Curry Paste

1- In a bowl mix Greek yogurt and Madras Curry Paste with a fork.
2- Add chicken pieces. Let marinate at least 2 hours in the fridge.
3- Preheat your BBQ at 350F.
4- Place on grills and cook until the chicken is cooked turning every 5 minutes.
5- Serve with rice and Naan bread.

What to do with leftovers?

The next day we made pizza with leftovers.

To make it: warm Naan bread in the over for 5 minutes. Spread tzatziki dip on top of the Naan. Take the chicken out of the fridge and slice thinly. Place of top of the dip. Decorate with fresh cilantro and you can add a splash of fresh lime juice before eating.

BBQ Chicken Madras - La Cuisine d'Helene