Fruit and Cheese Platter

fruit and cheese platter

I don't think my two sons are ready to go back to school yet. College and University start next Tuesday for them. They go to bed very late, it will be hard for them to wake up for those 8 am classes. We will enjoy the last long weekend before we go back to our hectic schedules.

We talk about how important it is to send a nutritious lunches at school, but don't forget to have a snack ready when they come home hungry at the end of the day. This Fruit and Cheese platter is a great way to welcome them. When shopping for my fruits I always try to buy what's on sale. This week I bought a big basket of juicy peaches at a very good price.

The cheese that I am using in my Fruit and Cheese Platter is the Ivanhoe Old White Cheese. I love the strong, sharp, nutty flavour and it melts in my mouth. They age this cheddar for 8-10 months. This cheese will be delicious in my Cheddar Beer Soup with Potatoes and Bacon, as well as in sandwiches.