Beef Vindaloo in Crock Pot

Beef Vindaloo in Crock Pot

Have you seen the movie The Hundred-Foot Journey yet? I asked my son to come with me and we went a Wednesday night at 10 pm not expecting much. We were six people in the theatre. I love that. No noise and you can choose the perfect seat. We bought our treats and sat down.

The minute the movie started we were captivated by the beautiful scenes in the Mumbai markets. India was always on my list of countries to visit but now it has gone up on the list. Some may say that the film is slow but I think it was like savouring food, you have to take your time. This movie is beautifully filmed and it reminds me of the first time I visited a fresh vegetables market in Paris last February. I could not stop smelling the amazing veggies and could not believe the quality and the freshness of the ingredients. I spent a long time contemplating the beauty of the markets in Paris and would watch this movie again just for the photography and music.

In this movie we loved the war between two restaurant owners that are from two different countries. It's a clash of two interesting cultures and we can discover and appreciate their respective culinary background. That's no surprise that there's two love stories in this movie and it's so cute to see the characters evolving in their relationships.

I have to warn your that you will be hungry watching this movie and it will make your mouth water. I am impressed with the way the Indian family cooks and everyone helps in the kitchen. The cute young brother and sister even helped peeling potatoes. It's a family that you would like to be part of. They are welcoming and have a big heart. Their life is centered around food and I could smell the spices in the dishes they were creating.

We loved that this film was about French and Indian cuisine and that at the end with Mixing a Little India the French recipes were elevated to a new level with a little spicy kick. To conclude if you love food and want to watch a film about real people then The Hundred-Food Journey is a delightful movie to watch with your family. It inspired me to continue to get creative in the kitchen and my foodie adventure does not stop here. Don't forgot that happiness is doing what really brings you joy and for me it's being in the kitchen with my family!

I was inspired to make this Beef Vindaloo after seing the movie. I made it in the crock pot because it reminded me of meals they were doing on their makeshift heart oven. My house smelled good and for a minute I was travelling in India.


750g stewing beef
90 ml Patak's Vindaloo Curry Paste
1 onion, diced
400 ml can coconut milk
500 ml potatoes, cubed
green onions, optional
lime, optional
cilantro, optional

1- Place the onions, Vindaloo Curry Paste in a microwave dish. Microwave on high for 3 minutes stirring after each minute.
2- Place the mixture into the crock pot. Add the coconut milk and mix well.
3- Add the cubes of beef.
4- Cook on low for 6-7 hrs.
5- Two hours before the end of cooking time you can add cubed potatoes to the crock pot.
6- Serve with rice, green onions, lime and cilantro.