Frozen Fruit Smoothie

Frozen Fruit Smoothie

For the past few weeks most of the blogs and magazines I have been reading are talking about back-to-school. But for some parents the reality is different. Some mothers just had a baby and they don't think about school yet. My sister-in-law just had a baby boy three weeks ago. Her pregnancy went really well, it was her first child, and baby Zack came to this world in just a couple hours of labour. Like all moms she wants to offer what is best for hew newborn and she is breastfeeding. This part is not going so great. Zack is hungry every two hours and she has been having complications. She is exhausted, does not sleep well and can't recover. Luckily for her she has great support in her town and she has joined a mother's group.

When moms are having a hard time breastfeeding and are tired all the time, they need to find a way to boost their energy. If you are in the same situation as my sister-in-law, there are healthy products like Now for Mother's Healing Mix that is a solution to the exhaustion you are feeling after your pregnancy. I would not recommend a product that I do not believe in and I can only say great things about this natural and organic formula. When you open the package it smells so good. We all know that some mornings you don't have the energy to make yourself a big breakfast after a sleepness night. I have a solution for you, scoop a couple tablespoons of Now for Mother's Healing Mix in your smoothie and breakfast is ready in one minute. Seriously, who does not like smoothies? Or you could sprinkle the Healing Mix on top of your cereal or add it to your glass of milk. We love it when a product is a good source of nutrients and healthy fats that help regulate hormonal balance. It will also promote healthy brain development in newborns during breastfeeding. How great is that?

Here are some benefits of Healing Mix:
-Omega-3 regulate hormones, improve cognitive functionality and aid mothers in lactation
-3:1 carbohydrate to protein ratio for glycogen replenishment
-Healthy Fats, iron and calcium for the brain development of babies
-Vitamin C for tissue repair, healing and developing immunity

I kind of wish there were products like the Healing Mix when I had my three kids. I would have benefited from this superfood when I was exhausted. 

This product does not contain additives, preservatives, coloring or chemicals.

Frozen Fruit Smoothie

1 cup frozen fruits
1 1/4 cup Almond Breeze
1/4 cup greek yogurt
1 scoop Now for Mothers Healing Mix

Put all the ingredients in a blender. Process until smooth.

Pour into a Mason jar or into glasses and serve.

To Your Health!

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